Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Silk, Wool & Silk-Lined Wool

Taking some of the awesome advice I received from yesterday’s post, I decided to forgo the jeans today and wear some warmer fabrics.  Specifically, silk, wool and silk-lined wool:

Instead of a cotton sweater, I wore a silk blouse (Jones New York via Goodwill) layered under a silk-lined wool jacket (vintage via Goodwill).  And, in lieu of jeans, I wore a sweater skirt (vintage via Goodwill) layered over bloomers and tights (Assets via Target) which were in turn layered over merino wool footless tights (Hue).  I also added wool socks, ankle boots (Nine West “Darsy”) and a belt (thrifted via Goodwill).

And, for the most part, it worked.  My feet are still cold, but I think that’s kind of their thing.  My torso is definitely warmer with the layers of silk and wool than with yesterday’s cotton sweater, even though it was a pretty dense knit.  I think I may also be warmer because of the pattern mixing going on; few things warm the cockles of my heart like pattern mixing:

Thank you all again for the tips on staying warm, with a special shout out to Secret Squirrel and her Nan; I tried the silk scarf layered under a knit scarf this morning and it was brilliant!

Happy Tuesday, All!


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