Monday, January 7, 2013

Black and White and Blush All Over

Oh, and a little bit of oxblood:

I have had this thrifted sweater forever, but I never wore it because the length was weird.  It wasn’t duster-length; it was 80s-oversized-cardigan-length.  And that makes sense, because this is an oversized cardigan from the 80s.  Seriously oversized; this bad boy is a medium. 

In spite of the awkward length, I loved how graphic this sweater is, so I held onto it for years.  And then, finally, this fall I had the brilliant idea to shorten it.  I cut about 8 inches off and ran a zigzag stitch across the bottom to (hopefully) keep it from unraveling. It took another couple of months to get cold enough to wear this and for me to decide what to wear it with.  But, today, the stars have aligned and I'm finally wearing the sweater I've named "The Big Lebowski":

For the inaugural wearing, I paired The Big Lebowski* (vintage I.  B. Diffusion for Neiman Marcus via Goodwill) with an oxblood turtleneck (Gap) and a blush chiffon skirt (Pleione via Nordstrom Rack).  I added black tights (Spanx via Nordstrom), black ankle boots (Nine West “Darsy”) and a black cashmere scarf (Nordstrom).

Happy Monday, All!


P.S. I know The Big Lebowski is from the 90s, not the 80s, but that's the name the sweater whispered to me.

P. P.S. Here is an awesome I.B. Diffusion promotional video from the 80s:

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