Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lord Jeff’s Cousin, Chet

In November, I wore a vintage cardigan made by “Lord Jeff” (you can see it here).  Well, I’m pretty sure this cardigan was made by Lord Jeff’s cousin, Chet:

Excuse me, I mean LordChet.  My understanding is that Lord Jeff and Lord Chet were minor royals/playboy cousins during the 70s.  They spent a lot of time in Ibiza, of course, but also in Switzerland.  It was their time in Switzerland that encouraged them to create their own lines of après ski wear.  Like this sweater:

In the spirit of the 70s, when they wore the heck out of some turtlenecks (and also because I love turtlenecks,) I layered the sweater (vintage via Vintage by the Pound) over a black turtleneck (Hinge via Nordstrom).  I also wore a pleated skirt (Goodwill), tights (Spanx via Nordstrom) and my new rain boots (Merona “Zajac” via Target).  I feel like Lord Chet would totally approve of this look.

You know who else would approve?  Starsky.  Little known fact: Starsky, of Starsky and Hutch, was dressed almost exclusively in sweaters by Lord Jeff and Lord Chet.  From what I’ve heard, their cousin Penny was the costume designer for the show so they had an in.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


Shop the Look:

I couldn't find my exact cardigan anywhere, but there are a lot on eBay and Etsy vendor hellhoundvintage, has a great selection.
Spanx Tight End tights
Similar skirt
Similar turtleneck
Merona Zajac Rain Boots (I think you can find them in the store for 1/2 off)

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